Aynt Skynyrd would like to thank a million different people who have helped and supported us over the years.In particular we would like to thank the many brilliant musicians and band-mates who have strode the stage with Aynt Skynyrd...

in no particular order, Tim Stark, Andy Gooby, Tivvy Gomersall, Iain Nicol, Dave Barker, Neil Morrison, Donna Rankeillor, Rich Hind, Joe Hamilton, Rich Tull, Richard Hill,Jimmy Milne, Tony Bachelor, John Crosby.

Also, Steve's amazing band pics courtesy of Image Film & Photography

Not to mention Paul Marshall who made us look like we knew what we were doing at Tribfest19. You can see some of the photos here

The Aynt Skynyrd promo video was courtesy of Cameron Farrell and CPF Media Services

Additional photos from all sorts of sources but Sue Horsfall's contributions have been really classy. You missed your calling, Mrs H


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